Hey guys, i just moved in to Saigon from Indonesia and would like to ask you few questions:

1. Do you know any bank that can accept business visa to open bank account (no work permit)?
2. Do they have maximum/minimum balance? How much?
3. Do they provide debit card?
4. Is it possible to transfer outside the country?

I've read some similar topics in this group but they're all from few years ago, the regulations might be changed. Please help.


I used Vietcombank during my time in VN and they were very good (I had no work permit)..I carried out numerous foreign transfers in and out of country, I had a Visa credit card with them which I could use worldwide...all in all they provided me with a good service, I had my salary paid directly from overseas into the account with no problem other than a small charge for the service.

The account was a current account, I don't have any information regarding business accounts if that is what you want..sorry

I should also add that I had to show my house rental contract (at the time of opening the account) and my passport with visa.

I still have the account and since I now own 2 apartments in HCM I have monies paid directly into the account and can use Vietcombank online banking to transfer funds.

Thanks for your help! Thats very useful. I'll try to go to Vietcombank :)

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