Port Moresby - how large is the expat community?


Will be moving to Port Moresby in about a month.. just wondering how large is the expat community?

Into my sports, gym, fishing and if these were something that any other expats are into?

I enjoy a cold beer after work on weekends and was wondering if the local pubs were safe and easily accessible to and back home afterwards?

Any help would be greatly appriciated

Cheers Tim

Hey Tim!

There are pretty good number of Expats here in POM now and I am pretty sure you will be able to blend in quickly.

There are several gyms available like the one in Yacht Club where in you can also have a cold beer afterwards. There is also Life Gym in Holiday Inn and Taurama Sports Centre etc.

Pubs/chill places that you can go like Yacht Club, Aviat, Naked Pier, Mojo Social. Lamana Gold Club or Cosmopolitan for dancing etc which I believe are alot safer for expats like us.

There's a lot clubs that might interest you like PNG Sports Fishing if you are into fishing. You may want to check them on Facebook :)

Hope this helps.


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