Moving to Freetown

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My name is Samir from Lebanon, I will move soon to Freetown this why i have some questions to be answered clearly if someone from the expats here or anybody who know Freetown in this forum please:

1. How is life in Freetown in general as first impression?

2. Freetown is Expensive country or Cheap? What is the expensive in Freetown and what is the cheap?

3. How is health and medical life in Freetown? Cheap or Expensive? What is the most disease in Freetown and to prevent and take care off?

4. How is the Transport in Freetown? Cheap or Expensive ? Taxi?

5.How is Weather in Freetown? What is the best time to visit during year?

6.What about hairdresser in Freetown? Can i found lebanese hairdresser?

7. Is there OMT to transfer money to other international country? and about exchanging money, where is the best place to exchange from dollars to sll with good rate?

8. About the calls and internet, how is Internet in Freetown slow or fast? which operator do you recommend from calls and mobile internet ? How much cost the SIM card in Freetown? and about internations calls are cheap or expensive?

9. if i need one day to move my family as wife and kid to freetown, is there good school for the kid? and how is the rent appartment there, expensive or cheap?

10. How is nightlife in Freetown? pubs? restaurants? supermarkets? where is the best nightclub in freetown? and best restaurant? best beach?

11. Freetown is secure? mean what crimes and hanging out at night?

12. What is the most thing to avoid in Freetown?

Will wait your kind reply, please i need a clear answer for each questions listed as above from 1 to 12 one by one.

Many thanks for your support and Help,

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Hello Sameer :cheers:

We do not have huge participation on the Sierra Leone forum as there are not many expatriation towards this destination.

Hope some members can tip in anytime. If you happen to get there before, please do share with us so that future members can benefit from the infos.

Thank you and best regards


hi kenjee,

thx for your reply and infos,

can you tell me when can i found these answers?


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