ideal retirement spot??

Hi,  my wife and i wish to retire to spain. we travelled there last may.From barcelona south to La Manga) we felt that the further south you go from Valencia the more "remote" it gets. we are on a limited budget (social security) and ask the group to make suggestions as to what areas offer the best amenities at the best cost.along the coast (or any other region for that matter we are very flexible)  We would like to live in a safe "walkable" town/city near the sea.we don't want to walk our our back door and step on to beach sand!!!BUT  would like to have a distant view of the sea. . we are going to rent for 6 months then purchase a small apartment (or home in gated community (if this is feasible) . we LOVED the people,food,climate it was hard to find negatives except for the lack of activity in towns (that we are sure were in much better shape before the recession. thank you all for your help. bruce & francine Gallo

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From your username, I might assume you are from Brooklyn  Your message is not very Specific on the type of community where you want to live, I would assume that you are not ot Spanish speaking and want to live in a community where there is a considerable number of expats. If that is the case, I would suggest in my area Torrevieja, Altea or El Campello. Generally, seaside apartments are significantly more expensive than a place in the city. Not sure if there are gated communities in Spain, but if you are considering a chalet in the outskirts of a city a security system with cameras is a good idea. Within a city, bars on first story windows, watchful neighbors, and the concierge or locked doors with electric actuators on high rise apartments provide good security. There is very little violent crime in Spain, and a significant portion of that comes from expats. For retirees, you will need to check on health care options, as getting into the Spanish health care system can be a problem for retirees.

thank you, i will research the places you have mentioned on the internet and after having a talk with my wife just last evening we are NOT going to seek "seaside
' towns as crowds ,noise etc are not what we are searching for? do you have contact information of an honest real estate person you could forward to me? regards bruce & francine gallo

I wouldn't be quick to assume that some of the towns were more active prior to the recession.  Spain has a rhythm and pace of life that is very different than the US- especially in the big American cities!

One thing that is worth considering is living in a larger town or city that's still near the beach, and you can just jump on public transit when you want to go to the beach.  That way, you can keep your expenses down while still being near the water.

The real question is what kind of amenities do you like?  If you want things to do, obviously the larger the community, the better.  If you like a slow pace of life and quiet, then a smaller town might be more your speed.  What do you see yourself doing with your time?

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