English women moving to Izmir


I would be so so grateful if someone could help me.

I am from England and have been going to Turkey since I was 12, twice a year. I have fallen in love with everything, culture, people, everything.
I want to now move my life to Karsiyaka.
Please could someone who has done this move from England to Izmir help me on where to start. I know I need to find a job before I move and get a work permit and visa and apparently proof of savings? 
I would also like to make friends with English people living in Izmir as I won't know any English people there and want to learn more Turkish as I can only speak a little.

I would be so grateful

Excited to hear back from someone


Dear Nicole,

My name's Kadir and I have dual nationality being Turkish and British and have lived in London for 12 years.
First of all, what would you like to do here in Izmir? Are you going to work? If yes, what's your profession? The easiest way for you to find a job is being an English Teacher. In order to do that, you first need to gain a teaching certificate like I did a couple of years ago. The most valid certificate is CELTA which you can get in England in a month time.
I currently live in Karsiyaka and you are absolutely right to live in Karsiyaka being the most beautiful part of Izmir.
In order for you to make friends, you can register yourself to Internations site ( You can just stay as a basic member and try to get yourself connected with other English people easily.
Please let me know if you would like to know further information and good luck!

Thankyou so much for your reply.
Yes I am planning on working, I have beautician qualifications, I was self employed for a little bit, I also have experience as a waitress and I am currently working as a career.
I have been looking for a job but I have a couple of questions before I apply. Would you mind if I emailed you the questions?

Thankyou for that web page for me to look at, I appreciate it a lot


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