im English and moving to Izmir.Anyone from Karsiyaka?

Hi :D

I have been coming to Tirkey since I was 12, I have fallen in love with everything about Turkey and now want to move my life there.

I am desperate to move to Karsiyaka next year. I believe I need to find a job before I go and get a work permit, I also need a visa and proof of savings.

Please please can someone help me on what I do to get the ball rolling.

Anyone from England that I can talk to on advice and maybe someone in Karsiyaka I can become friends with as I won't know anyone in the area when I move.

Thankyou so much

Hello NicoleTaylor :cheers:

I invite you to check out our Living in Turkey Expat guide to gather infos to help you best prepare your expatriation project while waiting for members to revert back with some inputs.

Wish you all the very best


Hello NicoleTaylor

i live in karsiyaka looking for freinds too ,

I'm a local and I'd like to help with learning Turkish or with any case I could. Welcome again. :)

Hi Nicole,

Probably you have already made quiet a lot of friends in Karsıyaka, but İf you are still up for meeting new people drop me a message in here.
We can organise a meeting day which we announce to all expact in Izmir.

Take care and peace

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