I am a new member:) - Seeking Female friends only

Hİ,I am uni student and live in İzmir.I am just interested in female friends that i can go events,movies bla bla=) Besides i can show around İzmir :)

Hi NDeniz,
I plan to move to Turkey especially in Izmir and i need some information about housing, living, job and leisure...
Thanks for your add by the way

Hi sorry for being late=)For sure i like to give info about İzmir=) İzmir is the relaxed and the most european city in Tr (Turkish people call that for İzmir).Therefore,it  suprises u most of the time.Housing,living  is not expensive if you compare with İstanbul.We are totally Aegean city so you will  fall in love with our traditional aegan kitchen=)We like foreign ppl in here and İzmir ppl is really hospitable.And i suppose to  you know French also and seeking a job like call center.So my friend lives in Belgium and she worked in  french-dutch call center for a while .So i can talk with her also.

Hi NDeniz,
I'm an Italian girl and I'll come to Izmir on February; I'll do my thesis at Ege University.
I'm searchng for a room and above all for nice flatemates and friends.
Where do you live in Izmir?
Can you suggest me some links to find a room or do you know people interested?


hi sorry for being late i didnt recognize . I live in İzmir Balçova so you should live in Bornova(its the town where your school is in).U should try airbnb,  maybe u heard it .   this a good site for students who search for a roommate and thats more useful for you i guess … rnova.html    .What do you study by the way?

sorry for the late answer too. I'm having many troubles to find a flat from here.By the way, thank you for the link.
I'm studying environmental engineering, I'll come to do a thesis project about the valorization of agroalimentar wastes, and production of bioplastcs and biofuels from them. What about you? how are you feel in Izmir?
I have a thing about the flat to ask you. I found a flat in Erzene , sok 73birlik 22, Apartman 16; is it a good area ? is it near to bars,restaurants , night life?

Have a gooood day!

Its ok=)Is it in Bornova right?so it is close to central of bornova its student area (bornova) becuz of these there are many cafes and bars around it.I study econometrics at 9 Eylul University in İzmir.I love İzmir its calm and nice city but when i graduate i want to study my master in Eu or Canada

thank you! where are you from? we could meet once I arrived! i'm excited to go there, even if many italians have prejudices about Turkey, about its political situation and many of them are scaring me. But I'm sure that are ideas created from italians journals and ignorance...

=) Im Turkish .They may have have prejudices ,you know becuz of news and Muslim country (lastly Charlie Hebdo attact) but i know that you will be surprised when you come to Turkey because we (specially İzmir) are totally different than other Muslim countries so  lets see what u'll think=)But i would like to thank you that you dont have prejudices at all ,thats commendable.YESSS,absolutely we could meet besides i can show you around .So when do you come to Tr?

is it problem for you?

Hi where are u here in İzmir? Whats your nationality? Well ı am from Philippines ang lookibg for female friends also

my name is Noha Egyptian 32 years living now with my family in Izmir what is your name and where do you stay here?

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