Expat Get Together For Election Returns, November 9

Of particular interest to American expats, but surely not limited to them, will be the election returns which will start to come in on Wednesday morning, November 9.

As such, there will be a gathering of those interested in watching the returns staring at 8 AM at The Fly Café, Jalan Raya Lungsiakan in Ubud (northwest and not far from central Ubud). 

Even if you could care less about the election results, for those new expats to the Ubud area who have been looking for a good opportunity to meet a number of long time area expats, this will be a good opportunity.

The coverage will be via CNN on two large screen TV’s and there is no charge to attend.

Tourists are also welcome.

HI Roy
Thats a good initiative and friendly proposal. I appreciate it and , should I be in Ubud on Nov 9 , I would certainly attend, but there are a few chances I will be in Bali on this date as I am now until Monday
I am coming here to rest and breath fresh air only when my job in Jakarta leave me  some time free , 1 week end every 2 or 3 months. Thats a pity but I have to earn money for living in Indonesia and I found not easy to work in Bali, unless I have possibilities in tourism or handycraft, but these are not my speciality.
Anyway I will see the US Election returns on 9 nov. This is important for the free world, I hope Donald Trump will not win !! I will also see the French Presidential election retuns in April next year, also important for the democratic world.

I take the opportunity of this message to tell you that I appreciate your posts, always based on reality , clear and friendly.
Kind regards
By the way for my problem with the contractor for our house roof , this is still not solved but I met Ibu Henny as you suggested. She gave me good advice, and I hope I'll get some progress if I can meet the contractor today or tomorrow ( he is escaping and often away if he knows I am here)

It would be great to get to meet you, if you happen to be in Ubud that day...but if not then, maybe another time.

Glad to hear that my recommendation of Ibu Henny is working out for you, and thanks too for your kind words.


Sorry, this is just a "bump" post so that those interested in following the election returns live, and as they come in, are aware of this venue.

Who is going to win Roy, Is trump still the underdog and how do you think the expat community will react if he does (assuming they are not big fans of Trump?)

I'm unsure which witch will win, but it seems to be a choice between rubbish and rubbish.

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