Looking for Friends in Bali

Hi All
I will be living in Bali early next year with my retirement visa. I am going by myself, I would like to meet people that live in Bali, I am thinking to live in Caguu. I will appreciate your reply.

You’re so friendly on this forum (in all your posts) and good looking too, that you’ll have no problems finding friends in Canguu.  :top:

You might think about the Canguu Club:


They offer day passes as well as memberships, and there are lots, and lots of Australians there! 

Best of luck with your move!

Cheers, Roy

Thank You Roy!! I will follow your advise!!

You'll do fine...have no worries.  And, like me, your only regret some years down the road will be, "why didn't I move to Bali earlier?"

Cheers lagi!

Thank you Lagi!! huge decision to be made!! But Hopefully I will settle there and be happy!!

can anyone give me an advice if Caguu or Umalas is a good area for an expat?

If I had to choose one of those two then it would be Umalas which has a well established expat community. It's also not too far from Seminyak and Kuta. Canggu is nice if you want to be more isolated. Personally if I wanted to retire in Bali then I would choose Sanur.

oh ok! I will look into it!
Thank you!!

hello welcome . if you need anything am here my friend .

Thank you so Much! I will need a lot of advise!!

I am looking for friends in Bali! not for a date or a man! I just got private messages from some insane guys asking  a lot of things that I can not disclose here! very disappointed I am that those persons are not willing to help or just be friends! but they ask for phone numbers, Facebook etc !! get real this is a site for expats that what we want is to help each other!
settling in Bali and make a real friendship!

If you haven’t already read this article from the Wall Street Journal you might enjoy it.

Of course it’s about the most favored retirement spot on Bali…which is Ubud.

http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB100014240 … 0844533062


Thank you Ubudian I I wiil read it! the only thing that I don't like is that Ubud is far from the Beach! that what I read so far!

True enough, the closest beaches to us are in Gianyar, and they aren't the best.

If a good beach is important to you, then I agree with the prior suggestion...check out Sanur. 


I have to add that balimode has been great for the Visa part! very good! professionals! I am going with them! I send part of my paperwork today! all positive! all I need now is the accommodation that I will choose in January when I am There! photos sometimes are deceiving! and I will also need to employ an Indonesian! then all is done! I will wait for my telex visa in Peth!

Good to hear!  I'm glad that suggestion worked out well for you.

Cheers, Roy

Thank you Roy for suggesting that agent! they are brilliant!!

Sama, sama (you're welcome). 


welcome . but you want to live in bali or you want just to visit

I will be living there! I will get my retirement visa early next year

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Thank you Christine! I will!

I am single and would suggest you co e to Nusa Dua , Jimbaran or Sanur , to live. Depending what your looking for is the queation you need to be asking yourself .
Why not drop me an email tasmaroyce[at]hotmail.com.  we can keep in touch ...
I live in a really nice resort in Nusa Dua . Huge pool and a good place to start when you arrive.
Contact me via my email and I will help you.

Hi Tasmar
I am already in Bali!! a bit bored!! living in Sanur!
I am still looking for friends!! drop me a line at my email

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Hi Margarita,

I hope you are all settled in your new home and that the move went smoothly for you. 

One suggestion to help alleviate your boredom would be the weekly Friday night Quiz Night at the Fly Café located right outside Ubud.  It would only be about a 30 or so minute drive for you, but worth it as this weekly event is highly attended by expats, many, if not most, being on retiree visas.  There are several weekly attendees who come up from Sanur and even deeper in the south of Bali.

Best to come a bit early, say around 7PM so you can enjoy a great dinner and to be sure to get a seat, as it’s almost always a “full house.”

Cheers!  -Roy

Great!! thank you Roy!!

Hello, I am Latto. Live in Surabaya Indonesia.

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