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My husband & I will  soon be moving from Sweden to Dallas. He will be working in Denton & his job will involve a fair bit of travel. I am terribly confused about where a good place to live would be. Our son is already in uni so it's just the two of us moving. I would ideally like to be in close proximity to shops & cafes etc. Basically where there are better chances of meeting people & making friends. At the same time I don't want the commute for my husband to be more than 30-40 mins each way. We would prefer condos to the hassle of house & garden... we have looked at condos in Frisco (closer to Little Elm) that are nice but they seem rather remotely placed. Also saw some places in Las colinas & Flower Mound (found it quite suburban) Uptown (Turtle creek) seemed nice but the commute in traffic would be really long.
I am quite confused, trying to strike a balance between a slightly more urban lifestyle and commute to office & airport.
Any advice from people who have lived in Dallas or are currently in the area would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Denton in a pretty small town NW of Dallas. You could live there. Or move to an area like Addison with lots of restaurants and close by move and live theaters.  The DFW area is very extended, so it is important to be close to where you want to be.  Call me if you wish when you get to Dallas to see if I can help you more.


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Seeking an urban lifestyle in the Dalla area is quite a daunting task. If you are confused it's because there is absolutely nothing closely resembling a European or New York-type lifestyle. Friendships are not made by going to the local coffee-shops or to the small bakeries. Culture-shock is somewhat common until you get a sense of how things work-out here.
If you need to talk to someone who specializes in helping Europeans find their ideal spot, integrate, and fit in, you may want to give a colleague of mine a call (she will talk to you for FREE if you tell her you are from the online expat group and mention my name "John Small") - she is from Italy like I am, and has lived in the Dallas area for quite a while.
Call Carol (mention my name first, though) at xxx
It's the number for Counseling and Therapy Associates - they work with a lot of repats. Good luck to you.

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There are websites that describe neighborhoods

No matter where you go in Dallas, the place is beautiful like if traveling with children (or kids at heart), visit the fun and educational Dallas Zoo and Dallas World Aquarium to see some of nature’s most magnificent creatures up close.

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