will visa will be approved

i worked in Bahrain 2015 March to August 2015, and without giving any notice i went India.i have got another offer from another GCC so i flew to more than one year since i left Bahrain.I have got an another offer from Bahrain now can i come back to Bahrain is there any problem with it.I checked in lmra for any travel ban,but its not showing any problem.pls help me out bros.....


It is really difficult to know about the travel ban on an individual who has already exited the country, the only way to confirm this is by trying to apply for a visa, if it gets rejected then you can know the reason for it as well.


ok bro thanks..

I came here in bahrain under visit visa.
I applied in hospital as nurse. I Signed the contract. They applied me for NHRA license which is a long process.
Im done with lmra biometrics.
I have a work visa stamped in my passport.
Im done with medical.
I gave my passport to the HR for application of CPR. On process just today.
Why is it that they are not allowing me to start working?

Maybe because your license is still in process .
Working without a license is not advised at all .

But is going 3 months since i applied for license. They can give temporary license and that would take maybe a month right?

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