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Just arrived in Nha Trang for 3 months stay and need a good modern dentist for a scale and clean. What is the best dentist or dental clinic in Nha Trang. Much appreciated

TanMy clinic
43 Le Thanh Phuong St
The dentist speaks English and does quality work at reasonable prices.

It could be the same dentist as #1. Two friends were very happy with the service and price of the dentist on the NE corner of Le Thanh Phuong and Tran Quoc Toan Streets intersection.

Do not go to Saigon Dentist on Nguyen Thien Thuat. They invent cavities to 'fill' for you. And over charge.

Thank you both for that info. Much appreciated

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Thanks guys
Your info was spot on.
I went to Tan My clinic and had a one hour long teeth cleaning. He was so delicate and precise. I have a couple of sensitive teeth but experienced no pain at all. In Australia the longest clean was 15 minutes  I now believe my teeth were never cleaned thoroughly necessitating a one hour job to do them properly. They now feel incredible- like brand new and the best was: 200,000dong or $12 AUS compared to about $250 back home.

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Do not hesitate to share/recommend your dentists in the Nha Trang business directory, it will benefit members looking for a reliable professional.

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I advise some friend come to NHAN TIN dentist for teeth treatment .
Their feedback is very good about service and price.
Add : 146 Tran Quy Cap, Nha Trang.
Appointment phone ; 0914 016 935.

How about teeth implants

How about implants? I only went there for a teeth cleaning. I did not enquire about implants as I did not need any. Get a quote from the dentist. I can only assume judging by my experience that the price will be reasonable and he will do a good job. That is assuming he does implants at all. I do not know.

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