Best hospital in Nha Trang for hemmorhagic dengue fever?

I assume Vinmec is in the running. But are any other hospitals here better? Thx.

If you think you have dengue, why are you even posting here and not seeking immediate medical treatment?  In fact the hemorrhagic form of dengue occurs in only 5% of cases.  Who has diagnosed you and why can't they recommend a hospital?  Perhaps you are simply exhibiting a paranoid certainty that you will come down with the disease.

I strongly recommend you immediately see
Dr Thuong on Yersin Street, opposite Vo Van Ky High School, near the railway station. 
Consulations are from 1100-till 1300 , and from 1700 onwards. You do not need an appointment.
He treated me when I had dengue fever. He speaks some English. If he suspects you have dengue fever, he will send you for a blood test and take it from there.

Thx. Will do.

Saw this article about a Vietnamese War museum I was unfamiliar with. … ge%2Fstory

Plain old vanilla dengue. Was awfully unpleasant but doable. Thx, guys.

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