2nd participant for the Russian language course needed.

Dear all who wants to learn Russian, we are looking for a second participant to join mini group (2 persons total) classes will last 90 min/week, lower intermediate level. During the week evenings. Mondays or Wednesdays.

Wish I knew Russian, not of any practical use for me though, just always thought it sounded interesting.
It was my father's native language, actually more of a Ruysin  dialect.
I know all the Hungarian school kids in the old days had to take Russian classes for a few years.
My husband learned but has forgotten most of it over the years, can still do a few basic things like count and get by on a beginner level.
I asked my father to teach me some Russian when I was a kid, he started then said, no way, never going to use it in the US and I would never be in eastern Europe.
Things change, even went back to his tiny little village in Poland near the SK boarder. Met relations but sadly couldn't speak with half of them because of not speaking any sort of Slavic language.
I wonder what my father would of thought of that, going back and finding his remote little village and see the wooden church where his parents were married?
How long is this course anyways?
I would think with semi-private classes it be quicker to learn.
My brother enrolled in a Russian language class years ago same reasons I wanted to learn, just because it could of been our native language. He dropped out after a few lessons when he realized that most of the students already spoke Russian and only took the class for an easy A.

Hello Marilyn, yes, I know many people in Hungary who learnt the language at school but didnt want/could not reach a good level and thought it would never be used. Now, they regret cause time changed and extra language is a good asset. I have colleagues whose parents half RU/UA/BY and didnt use in childhood and could have a good chance to gain good level of language.
Anyway, we have one lady who is lower intermediate level (with some knowledge and vocabulary) and looking for a second participant for this mini group. Classes last for 90min and cost 2000HUF/person. city center, next to Opera. evenings. Anybody interested, please, welcome. :)

Sounds nice really, price is good also.
Hope someone takes up the opportunity to learn.
Too late for me...

Expats in Hungary may be the wrong target group. If they are in Hungary, why would they pay to learn Russian over Hungarian?

Better option: Try Hungarian businesses that cater to Russian speaking tourists. Maybe even contact those in places outside Budapest that are very popular with Russian speaking tourists, such as Hévíz.

And quite frankly, raise your prices. Breaking down your fee to 1,300 HUF an hour per student is almost what one pays for unskilled labor.

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