Running clubs in and around murcia

Hi will be moving out to murcia soon and have been a member of a running club here in Britain for nearly 40 years. Are there any running clubs in the area possibly with track?


I think the best you can do is going to a big sport centre and ask there directly.
I don´t know which area of the city are you going to luive but I can suggest you visit
Príncipe de Asturias Sports Centre (which is in Juan Carlos I street), and La Flota Sports Centre (which is in La Flota neighbourhood)

Both of them use to run outdoor training including running.

Good luck.

Whilst not a direct answer to your question, have a look at:

It has loads of information on sporting events.

The area in Alicante/Murcia is sports-mad - on almost any road you'll find someone running or cycling.

Also - had a thought whilst syncing - have a look on Strava. There are loads of clubs and meetups going on there, and searchable by area.

Follow a few people who are active in your area, then get in touch with them and ask if you can join in on a run/ride.

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