We're On Our Way

Hello All,

We're on our way to Belize from California. We're in no hurry and will likely be a month+ on the road. We're total rookies in an old RV, towing an old pickup with 4 old dogs. If you'd like to follow us, here it is:

Wish us luck!

Safe travels and have loads of fun!

Enjoying you Blog, from Edmonton, Alberta

@ CAtoBZ > Can you please register your blog in the Blogs from expats in Belize please?


Priscilla  :cheers:

Enjoy your travels!

we haven't been to Belize,but are seriously planning to after my husband retires in less than 6 years and to sell our home with contents in it;we're from Ontario Canada
we are doing homework as we go,reading reviews like these on several sites on how everything will change and also hope to get to Belize this coming February,but not on a resort;I wish you luck and would love to follow if ok


Good luck I would love to follow your travels and keep us updated on your struggles once you leave the US.  We live in South Texas and would be driving also because we have 3 dogs, if and when me move, i would move tomorrow but have to show the hubby the plan!

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