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Hello all!
I have a question I hope someone can answer.
If you elect to use the QRP program to import all of your belongings and vehicle into Belize, how long are you committed to the program? I want to be a permanent resident, not a QRP, but one precludes the other. Plus, you can't use your QRP status to accumulate the one year of residency necessary to become a permanent resident. If you are a permanent resident, you can't import a vehicle duty free. So what is the solution here? Do you come to Belize on the QRP and import all of your belongings, drop it after 1 month, and then acquire the necessary time for permanent residency? It really doesn't make much sense the way it is currently set-up, and I am trying to figure out the best way to approach this issue. Any help would be appreciated.  :unsure

No can do.  If you bring it in under QRP and then leave the QRP program you will have to pay the duty on all your items at that time.  You may really want to think about the car issue.  You can always buy one in Belize or you can use the bus system.  My mom live in Ladyville and went her first year without a car.  I know in Belize City and on Ambergris Caye taxis are plentiful.

She finally bought a car last month as she intend to stay close to the city, main roads.  Where you are going to be and where you want to travel have a lot to do with the type of vehicle you need.  You didn't say what kind of car you have, but you will want to make sure it's sturdy if you decide to bring it to Belize.

When I move down next month, I'm going to do the same as my mother did.  Move with a bunch of suitcases through the airport as a tourist.

My thought had been if Either my husband or i did the QRP then could the other do the residency? Also with the QRP I thought I could buy a new car in Belize Duty free instead of importing one is that correct.

I came in under QRP, and my wife the residency. I purchased the new vehicle in Belize and didn't have to pay the duty amount. Obviously either way costs some money and has their good things and not so good things. That is why we split how we have come in. So far (7 months) it has worked out well.

If one of us needs to go out of the country the QRP person can go and look after family matters as on the QRP you can come and go as you want. This then does not effect the Residency person that can only leave for 14 days a year (initially).

You can quit the QRP program but wait until your items have depreciated. For customs in Belize they assume a 15% depreciation per year. So as you can see you will need to stay a while for the duty fees to go down.

Yes, it makes sense. You either opt for QRP, with its duty benefits, or you just come in on a tourist visa, pay duty on your imports, and acquire Permanent residency after 12 months of continual living in Belize. You can't chop and change.

What are the benefits of residency vs. tourist?

Drop me an email - *** - and I'll send you information on both.


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Thank you for your posting as I would also like to know the answer to that. My husband and I are planning to move to Belize and have many questions like where are the safest places to live and what places to absolutely avoid.

Some individuals on this forum would suggest that nowhere in Belize is safe.
I would suggest you avoid Belize City in general, but I feel most other areas of Belize are safe. There are some caveats to that, like anywhere else in the world - be careful who  you befriend, try to meet people through others that you know and trust, don't leave 'stuff' lying around where it could be easily taken (crimes of opportunity are not uncommon, it's a poor country), don't flash jewelry or money or flaunt your wealth, and stay out of 'urban' bars late at night.
Visit-more than once before you make any definite plans, and visit several areas.
Good luck in your quest, and enjoy your time in Belize.

Thank you so much that really helps.

jacott :

Yes, it makes sense. You either opt for QRP, with its duty benefits, or you just come in on a tourist visa, pay duty on your imports, and acquire Permanent residency after 12 months of continual living in Belize. You can't chop and change.

It is important to note that you DO NOT acquire "Permanent Residency" after 12 months. After 12 months of continual living in Belize (during which time you may not leave for more than a cumulative total of 14 days), you MAY APPLY for permanent residency. That process can take at least a year and I know of several people that have been waiting for almost two years. So the process in total may be up to 3 years to get your Permanent Residency status.

my son has done his 12 months with less than 14 days exits, and put in his papers exactly one year ago he has had most interviews and it seems just final to go but don't know when that will be. after application goes in you have much more flexibility to come and go intp/out of Belize about 100 days i believe. unfortunately with the pay for passport scandal it has slowed things even more. You also continue the monthly check in until you get accepted as a permenant resident.

Yes, my apology, Billdoesbelize is correct.

After 12 months in Belize you may apply for Permanent Residence.

THere has been a back-up due to a scandal in the Immigration Department and your application may take 12 monthd to processd, or even longer.

John Acott

Important to note that my application for residency is in and I was told that the 14 days per year rule applies until residency is granted

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