Cost of living in East Timor - is my allowance enough?


I am considering taking a post in East Timor (Oe-Cusse) as a volunteer for an international organisation. I have checked prices and cost of living indexes online but I found contradictory information.

Could any resident or expat help to understand what life standard I can expect with a monthly allowance of roughly 2500 USD?

Any help will be appreciated.

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Try this website for cost of living

Thank you Stumpy.

I had seen this one and it seems accurate but still quite generic about rents. I wonder if anybody has more info on studio flats and room rental?

Also, personal impressions and experiences will be welcome.


Perhaps contact other companies who work there, along with say NGO's and ask about rentals prices.

Might work, thank you!

Is accommodation provided? I been staying here close to 5 months now. I caneed give u some hints sight about the overall expenses:

Accommodation: range about 500 usd to 1.5k depending on your requirement. Best if they can provide you with the accommodation then 2.5k is more than enough to live in East Timor

Internet: most of us using telcomcel $50 unlimited with 6GB, once used up, as usual slightly slow in receiving the data, currentlying they also having promotion for $19

Food wise: eating out will cost you about $ 5 -6 meal around Timor Plaza and decent sized looking shop, if u adore local food, darn cheap, just $1.50 per meal (rice+vege+meat)
As for myself, 90% cooking, I spend about less than USD200 per month. If u are those guys that prefer to eat out, you can do the math by calculating # of meal × $6 × days × times going out for dinner/lunch

Vehicle:if u intend to get a motorbike, cost around 800 (2nd hand) and 1.2k for brand new

Thank you HT5566, your post is really helpful!

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