Hurricane Matthew?

I can't seem to find anything on what if any effect Matthew had on the North Coast...specifically Cabrera?  Hey, Tomas Cabrera...did you get any storm effects??

If pattern holds for climate change (whatever it's underlying causes) Does anyone worry about the shifting trade winds and intensifying hurricanes?  I can imagine that lessening winds would make the Caribbean bake!

No real damage on the north coast!

As per usual nothing on the north coast other than some much needed rain

Bob K

Not according to this article. … voc-in-dr/

The OP asked about the north coast where you are talking about is the far south west area and 5-7 hours from here.  Yes they had some damage there.

Here on the NORTH COAST....NADA

Bob K

Well that's actually good be by-passed once again!

Yes we got very luck! Again.....

Part of this is geography and how storms behave.  The north coast has not had  hurricanes for a variety of reasons.   It is one reason some of us choose to live on the north coast!

We didnt know that ;)

We all learn something new every day.... lol.

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