How do Venetians move goods from shops etc to their apartment?

Hi, just came back from my last trip to Venice - was there for work. Anyhow, i just hit me, how the heck do the venetian move goods to shops, restaurants and furnitures to your apartment.
Some of the "roads" inside Venice is not always reached by water. My thought - is everything moved at late night as streets can be well packed.

Just a thought, hopefully someone have a answer on this question.


Everything moves by boat from Tronchetto or Piazzale Roma. There are hours, so as to reduce boat traffic on the Grand Canal.
The registered transporters have to operate from 5 to 11 in the morning - or something like that (there are bitter complains because they always risk to slide out of the permitted hours).

If you are a private resident, then you can access the whole city anytime provided it is to move your own goods (I rented a small topetta to move 300 kg of books last August) - transferring them from my car parked on the 30mn parking lot on Piazzale Roma to the topetta).

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