Japanese lesson in Shanghai

Hi there. I'm currently living in Shanghai and teach Japanese language. Pls feel free contact me if you are interested in learning Japanese.
I'm studying to be a guide interpreter, so pls contact me if you are interested in  Japan as well.

hi how r u.i intersted to learn japanese.i can help u to learn hindi language as well as english.i inbox u .plz check

Hello :cheers:

Please drop advert in the appropriate section of the site :

> Language classes in Shanghai


Thank you for pointing it out!

I would love to take Japanese lessons,but I live in Beijing. :D
Plan to travel to Japan soon.


Hi there, I am a Singaporean living in Shanghai and I'm interested in taking Japanese lessons. Please let me know how we may contact each other. Thank you.


I just move to Shanghai not long ago with my family. We are Singaporean but have been living in United States for a few years. I am interested in learning Japanese and also letting my daughter learn the language. Please contact me. Arigato!

Hello, I would like to learn Japanese and would like to know more about your lessons. I've sent a text message to your cell phone and please get back to me on the details. thanks. Shiring

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