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Hi all. I am yash originally from mauritius. I am curious to know more about new zealand as I really wanna move there. Just wanna know if it's really difficult to move there without a skilled profession in hand. I lived in ireland for 4 years and in London as well for 4 years..

Hi Yash, I'm Helen from New Zealand now living in the U.K.

I'll try to answer all your questions about NZ.

There are some avenues to move to NZ without a skilled profession. May I firstly ask how old you are? Are you interested in/could you study in NZ? If your in the U.K. But Ireland beforehand does this mean you have a British passport? What field do you work in (as we have some fields that need workers whom aren't what might be called high skilled workers in other countries)? Would you be happy to work on a farm?

Hi Helen thanks for your reply..well i have a Mauritian passport and i have been working for a local irish jeweller during those four years in dublin, Ireland.. and i have been working in a launderette in East london for the past four years..i am back home for a few months. I have a good experience in jewellery sales and customer service.. but i am getting a good job offer in NZ i would surely be interested no matter what job it is and can meet my living costs there... so why not.. thanks again for your reply

Sorry btw am 35 years old thank you

Hello everyone and welcome on board Yash  :)

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Do not hesitate to read the threads of the NZ forum and the Living in New Zealand guide so as to gather a maximum information.

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I just hope to get some more info about moving to NZ without a high skilled qualification and how can i get someone to get me a working visa from NZ.. i possess good working experience and references from uk and ireland


First you need a visa. Go to this website for all visa information and applications.

Your problem would be the lack of qualifications. There is a skills list which gives the types of skills the govt is seeking.

You could look at a working holiday visa.


Hi Helen is there any more assistance you can provide me regarding the move New zealand. Thanks

I really wanna move to NZ.. will I be able to get some one get me a work permit based on my work experience in UK and Ireland with references available but without a trade or high skilled qualification.. cheers

No one can get you a work permit.
To get a permit you first have to find a job. If you find a job then your employer will apply for a visa / permit for you.
Check out for visa requirements and applications.

As of today, 12th October 2016 the NZ government have cut back on immigrant numbers it will allow into the country.
They have also made it more difficult for skilled workers to get into NZ by increasing the number of points (from 140 to 160) you would need when applying for a visa. The points are worked out on qualifications, education and work experience. All this has to be verified by the Govt before they will consider issuing any visa.

No qualifications or a trade will make it impossible for you.

If you are young enough you should look at a working holiday visa.

yes I would be happy

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