Expat-friendly bank to open a bank account

Guys, finally moved in to Bahrain.

Next step is to open a bank account.  What do you recommend to be the most Expat-friendly bank?


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I have been banking with Ahli United and Standard Chartered, both are expat friendly.


Everyone has their own favourite, but for global coverage you'd be hard pressed to beat HSBC. The coverage in Bahrain is not as extensive as some of the "local" banks, but good enough for me.

Thanks for this. I am struggling in the UK to make my account international due to a long hold up. How easy is it to open an account once there and what information do you need? thanks again

Hi there,

The following is the required documents for Expats that are (to be) residents of Bahrain for opening a HSBC accont:

If CPR is under issuance:

"Undertaking Letter Signed by Customer and Proof of Address
Proof of Address (Whom it may concern letter issued by CPR Office regarding the customer address) or Letter issued from the customer employer confirming the current residential address"

I'm working in KSA but living in Bahrain but am not considered resident so my paperwork is:

"Valid Copy of (i) Passport and (ii) Proof of Address (iii) Proof of Income / Wealth."

So it depends on your circumstances or more precisely whether you will be getting a CPR or not........

I have a personal preference for local banks here. They provide a fairly decent service, and are accessible almost anywhere in the world through ATMs and correspondent bank networks.

I found the "international" banks in Bahrain to be not too customer friendly, even rigid in some aspects.

End of the day, its personal preference.

All the best with your move.

Kuwaiti Finance House bank they will open an account there and then, please take your contract with you and your Bahrain ID

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