Want to move Cuba

Hello there, am Joyce from Ghana and I would like to work in Cuba to support my family. Please how is life there and is it easy  find job?

No Joyce its not possible for a stranger to work in Cuba. You need to be permanent resident and its difficult to obtain. You need to marry a cuban or have a child there.

Yes. You have to be married to a cuban And it takes about 3 months to do your papers in Cuba.

Dear Joyce,

I don't think you will make enough money to support your family by working in Cuba as the national wage is between 10-20 Cuban peso.  Most Cubans work for the government and a small percentage work for embassies or foreign firms which might pay better. 

There are a small percentage of Cubans who own private business such as restaurants, cafeterias, salons, driving a taxi and lately many mobile phone application business has sprung up in Havana.These Cuban business owners live a rather comfortable live in comparison to the majority.  However, foreigners are not allow to own a house or start a business. 

Therefore, I would think twice before moving there as life there is not as cheap as most people think.

Best wishes,


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