What sort of work do most expats do?

spanishpete :

most of the brazilian i see working in the building industry, seam to work hard at making the work harder, where i work at making the work easy,
theres 20,000 people that live in Iguaba grande, i am the only one that seams to use a cement mixer when making cement or concrete, i let my tools do the work,

I had a foreman as an electrician who said it right: Work smarter,not harder.

AndreaJonas :

Steve, LMAO, You have to be South African broer.  Only a fellow South African will recognise kak.

I'm an American and I understood it.

I`m retired. I do watch the way people work and I see where it can be done easier. I think alot of it is cultural.  We bought an American style mop. Our maid and sometimes even my wife still wrap the cloth around the broom to mop the floor.


My wife and her daughter use the squeegee. I pointed out a "real" mop to her at a McDonald's one day and asked her why more people don't use them. She asked me what it was.

Here's what I do:

Mops are not common in Brazil, they use that squeegee....not sure why
I've discussed it with a few people, no one really knew

Also interesting thing is nobody does dishes in hot water here.....I've never seen a kitchen sink with hot water in Brazil?

Most Brazilians think and do on the real cheap,                                                                     
so cheap squeegees "a rag on a brush",
cheap hot water, "thats really cold"

My ex had a water heater at her kitchen sink, but she never used it. Not sure it was even hooked up in fact.

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