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Hello, all!

I am an American who is looking to work in Brazil as an educator. I have already spent nearly 12 months teaching and researching in the Brazilian education space, working as an after-school English teacher in southeastern public schools, the director of an English language NGO, and an advanced conversational English teacher at a private language school.

Though my preference would be to work with public school students, I realize that government jobs are reserved exclusively for Brazilian citizens. With that in mind, I am looking to teach in either in a language or a private bilingual school, hopefully working to develop partnerships between said schools and youth without access to language enrichment activities.

My question, however, is about visas: what opportunities exist at schools that offer work visa sponsorship? Where would such jobs be located? I would assume that formal, non-language schools would be more willing to sponsor a foreigner for a work visa, but how does the hiring process for such schools work? In-person? Online?

I would appreciate any guidance you all could provide!

Hi, I work in this field. Unfortunately as far as I know no such visa exists to teach in have to be a permanent resident or temporary resident of Brazil in order to get this kind of work.
Also private language school generally pay very low in Brazil.
Honestly I would say forget about it as no such visa sponsership programmes exist in Brazil and the market is already saturated with teachers

There are no schools that offer work visa sponsorship of any kind? I have already entered Brazil on a tourist visa and a student visa -- are you saying that a school would only sponsor a teacher who already resides in Brazil and possesses an RNE?

Yes, that is exactly what I'm saying.....maybe if your student visa allows you to work some hours you might have luck. Then theres always the illegal route which I would not recommend....all the schools I have worked at have asked to see a document.

The best school to contact is Cultura Inglesa, they are one of the few repuatable schools that actually pay money you could survive on.

Otherwise some private high schools like anglo and poliedro maybe. But as far as I know your odds of them organising you a work visa in this catagory are almost zero as it does not exist.

What about if the person is willing to pay for the work visa process by themselves, with the help of a lawyer that helps foreigners get a work visa? Expensive but in this case is it possible?

Work visa to Brazil pretty much impossible for teaching visas in Brazil are extremely rare and usually only issued for very specialized positions by big companies....I don't know why you would want to go through all the hassle as most jobs in Brazil out of the corporate field pay shockingly badly....

I'm not sure what your plan is.....the only reason I can really think of to live in Brazil is if you are married to someone would be better off just saving the lawyers fees, taking an extended trip and living it up here .....Brazilian working life is actually pretty shitty, it usually involves having to live in a big city, working 10 - 12 hours , paying ridiculous prices for simple things, dealing with long commutes and traffic and still being broke at the end of it all

True but my boyfriend is Brazilian and we just didn't wanna rush into the whole getting married stuff just to stay in the country so this was just another option..I know the pay is terrible but that's not the most important thing at the moment, it's just to stay for a while longer in Brazil.

Ok I see....why don't you just get a Stable union , "Union Stavel" visa for people in get a temporary residence RNE and can work as normal here.

I know this for a fact as I worked with a Romanian girl last year (at an english school :P)
and they were not yet married and she had all the Brazilian documents already RNE, workbook, no problem....

Seriously though, you should forget the English schools and just focus on private classes, the schools are hell....they pay as much as Mcdonalds but expect corpoate job level commitment

Hi @ stevefunk. A different topic but do you know if I can pay overstay fee either leaving or returning to Brazil? I have to go to Argentina to pick up my visa and I am not sure if the banco do brasil at Guarulhos will be open during Carnival......any info appreciated!

You can pay either leaving or returning.


Thanks  Jim
I want to pay it beforehand so I found the boleto on the Federal Police web page and filled it out. Am going to pay it in a bank this week.
When I get to the airport do I just show the receipt as I go through customs or do I have to do/go anything else?

I believe you just show the receipt when you clear immigration .

I think you have to stay out of Brazil for 6 months though, after you have been illegal here.....
are you planning to re- enter straight away, this could be  problem....

Well  i will be re entering with a work visa

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