Safe travelling in Saudi with a male friend?

Hi Everyone,

I need to go to Bahrain regularly for boarder runs and I have a friend (Male, Saudi) who drives there and back regularly. I’m Irish (female) and wondering if it is safe to travel together? 

Friends have said that it should be fine if I’m in the back seat and if he says that he is just dropping me to the airport if stopped.

I’d like to get a few more opinions?

Thanks! :)

Honestly, there will be some risk involved. If you get pulled over by the Mutawa which is the religious police, and with he is with the regular police, they can take you in. The rule that I have been briefed when I got into the country, is that you can never be accompanied by a male unless you are his wife, mother, sister or if the member of the opposite sex is your immediate family. The laws here are strict it applies to everybody including foreigners.

If you travel with a Saudi you need to understand how much influence he has if stopped. If none then you should really consider other options!

It's safe . i'm saudi and i do many things just we know how ,when and where . speciality who trust himself . nobody will ask u if u respect the rules . and also he can say u work for a company and he respons and arrange every thing for meeting or something like that if if anybody ask.. It's safe if he know what he can do .

If you run into a problem, if someone stops you and asks you to explain the relation between the two of you, "friend" is not gonna fly here. Its risky , while you have other options to travel to bahrain.

HR Guru is right, you get pull over the term" friend" will not fly here.  There has been an incident where I work where a foreigner was caught with another foreigner  of the opposite sex and they weren't even related. Sure enough he was gone in 24 hours and out of the country.

Take the Saptco VIP Bus.

Rules are strict. The best is to always consider the worst case scenario and see if you can afford it.

Juat saying someone is a driver isn't enough. He should be under yours or your sponsor's sponsorship.

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