Best ways to bring my Mexican girlfriend to Europe

Hi there,

First of all please let me explain my situation: I am a German passport holder living in the UK for some 4 years now.

Here in London I met my Mexican girlfriend who is working here as an Aupair until October. Then she goes back to Mexico,but we are currently looking for options to get a visa so we can stay together permanently.

Unfortunately the UK makes it very hard to get a visa for someone who isn't an engineer or doctor, so I think it will be close to impossible to stay here, although I really would love to continue living in London.

Germany is not really an option for me, I just don't want to go back after all these years.

For me being self employed as a graphic designer it is not an issue to relocate as I can work virtually anywhere with an Internet connection. However I would prefer to stay in the UK.

Any ideas what the best way is for her to get a visa?


If you want to "stay together permanently", why not get married?  That would probably facilitate the easiest way to get a visa, though marriage is far from easy :)

It is a bit early to talk about marriage after being together for less than a year.
Sure, long term that's the idea, but for the next 2-3 years I am looking for other options.

I think  for you problem solution is only married or she prégnant . Or she back in Mexico and she Apply again another visas for UK.

It's not easy this problem.

Good luck

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