I'm a Filipino and my boyfriend is saudi man, we've been together for a year already but sadly he died in my arms just last Friday here in the Philippines. He was sent back to Saudi just yesterday, he processed our papers for us to get married and live with him. When it comes to his family and our relationship it was perfect, just he left me so early ! He became my fiancé February 24, 2015 as he proposed, we can't get married yet because we're still waiting for the ministry approval. But we do signed on a piece of paper that this day June 6, 2016 were married, he left me with lots of bills as I'm the one who spent money for everything when he came as his visa always have problem here in the Philippines. The embassy payed the hospital bills, I just want to know if I can get a benefits from what happened. It's hard when my husband left me and the bills I'm stuck with made it worse.

Sorry for your loss.. but if your marriage was not authenticated by the Saudi embassy in Philippines or even recognised by the philippines, then you did have a problem. Meaning he was never your husband to begin with, and hence will not be entitled to possessions or inheritance of his (that is if he had any).

You did however say you have a perfect relationship with his family. I did then advise you seek that financial help from the family as in this case they will be the only ones to help you. Rules of Marriage in Saudi Arabia are strict and broad, so if you do want to learn more on this rules and laws so as to find if you are entitled to any compensation or support you did have to go to the embassy and ask them to educate you on their marriage laws and what you can do about your case.

Good luck and condolence.

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