Dealing with homesickness in Oman

Hello everyone,

Being an expat in Oman can turn out to be a wonderful human, social or professional adventure... with potential moments of nostalgia and homesickness along the way.

What are your personal tips to prevent homesickness?

How do you deal with such feelings?

Are there shops or stores offering products from your home country in Oman? Or maybe venues with music and ambiance from your homeland?

Thanks for sharing your experience,


We better keep in regular touch with family members abroad, in order to ensure knowing their well being.

We also need to engage our self other than office duties, like playing badminton every evening. I have made it a hobby to learn German on Duolingo app. It helps to challenge your self to learn something new and also fun to do.

Earning good friends is the best ever option, but it should not effect any family relationships.


its great to be in touch with the family members in home country.besides this keeping one self busy with playing with kids going out etc make one fell better.
yes here we can find many places offing food etc same like our country.


Just meet like mind people and share your feeling ,love, affection ,I think thats the way you can try to reduce home sickness.

Spending my time with friends and workmates. Watching and playing football and basketball.
Swimming sometimes.

Better to do some reading, paintings means enjoy your hobbies. Do social activities like meet our community. I engaged my time in some morning exercise,evening walking in garden.Met daily some friends in garden. Teaching free to students.
Writings some poems, speeches etc. Reading newspapers. Sometimes calling in our reletives and friends in our home country. Organise some program for our community members. Learn new things.
No homesickness and improve our knowledge.

Reading books

Going to meet-ups,


Picking up new hobby

And strong focus on your reason for being away from home in the first place. If it is money that got you here, then focus on earning more :)

Hi.. Its a beautiful thought for raising this question.

Truly speaking, I really don't miss my home country because of safety, peace, silent, clean and friendly nature of the great Omani people. I highly respect their culture in friendliness, helping nature, respecting the Indian Expats, space for our temple.

I really feel proud to live in Muscat, Oman.

Thank you.

I can narrate my story, I felt homesickness 9 years back when i left my 2 lovely kids to Saudi just for money, because salary was good and it was Saudi Aramco.I felt so bad I cant control my tears  :sosad: , for the entire flight journey, i cant control my tears, the gal sitting beside me was looking me in bewilderment,but i was not bothered.
I was posted in a place called Shaybah which is empty quarter of Saudi, i have never seen any female species for 6 months, life was so difficult and unbearable, it was more or like in a jail .....
For the past three years, it is my luck that i got good offer, rotational job 1 month in oman and 1 month in india so dont feel much homesickness (used to it   :) .
Yep homesickness kills it affects both mentally and physically.....

hello dear..oman is very peacefull county..this is good place  to live here but home sickness is always withus...i missed my country every moment..but love to stay in oman..i m looking for a job .in muscat.m y experiance is good in oman..thanks and regards

I am happy here in Oman, but it would be more complete if I just had a best friend around the corner who I could go to when I need to be really myself

Try to have more friends, either sex as you like, so that you would feel any home sick. You can discuss anything with them & get relaxed (in good sense) yourself to certain extend, even though if you don't feel 100% with your own relative people(s).

hate that situation and em facing it tho .... i mostly used my laptop because dont have friends here :(
desperately looking for friends so can spend value times with them play sports and other activities :)

Hey malik if you chanced,maybe we could shoot some pools or football together...currently residing in Niwza though.

You are the only lucky person on Earth who got a better opportunity in GCC.

Congratulations and best wishes....


Good offer Mr. Malik....

yea sure o\:) em situated in CBD area

Subu thx :)

you on whatsapp?

yea its

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