Volunteering in Oman


While living abroad, some expats wish to get involved in the local community life.

What organizations expats can turn to if they want to volunteer in Oman?

How to join a charitable institution, what are the steps?

Which causes have the greatest need for volunteers in Oman?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience and advice,


hi dear
you can do
Volunteering job in Oman
to help people in language specially English
if you have time

I would be happy to provide answers to the best of my ability as a volunteer on this platform. Thank you to admin for providing this opportunity.

Even I was looking for something.... But couldn't find anything..

Why can't we start something by our initiative..

Regi Varghese


I've spent 6 yrs in Oman and did teach English part time to familys my friends knew. I've completed an online TEFL course and am looking to get CELTA qualified In'Sha'Allah. I also teach English to adults here in London part-time at 'English House'.

Let me know how I can help?

Sheraz Ahmad

Needed voluntary services at door step for all Senior citizens and physically and mentally disabled people.
Community service will create a positive thoughts towards expats and brewing reactions like financial diversion etc will be nullified.
The other important community services are to provide one day free  meal and transportation for needy.
As in absence of public transport at various places and excessive increase in private vehicles one should increase pooling of transport system and helping needy by sharing in groups if anyone going on long or short distance.
Dr Vipra Shree
Senior Laparoscpic and Gastrointestinal Surgeon
Aster Alraffa Hospital Sohar Oman
I am ready to share my WhatsApp no working here for any help - +919999999103.
Also anyone can interact with me on my Facebook messanger by joining my Facebook - viprashree

U can add me

Thank you for your reply... It is a good idea...But how to start with ....

Regi Varghese

good idea  people working on voluntary job
and help people even teach language
for me I can help people who want study Arabic

It's very good initiative. But when & how to start. Please share ideas


I think we can approach any of the charitable trust / NGO'S in Oman so that they will be able to help us out..

What is your opinion ? ? ?\

Regi Varghese

Arabic language is not a problem
Bt think for big our community

i agree with you we need help each one nowadays

Great. Very good suggestions.

i also interested , pls inform me also through my id azumkd[at]gmail.com

Many expats need to study Arabic language. if any one can take initiative please let us know contact details.

I am also available for the good work (Volunteer)


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Please find here the link towards the Omani charitable organizations :
http://www.oman.om/wps/wcm/connect/9d95 … OD=AJPERES

Me too love to volunteer in oman . If anyone wish to learn how to talk in in english u can contact me.


hi dear you say now at India how someone can meet you at Oman
i want to improve my English
best regards

Many good suggestions pouring in!!
All these can be worked out only if the steps are taken... Let's start doing it by first having a watsapp group for immediate discussions and if already one started let me know to join ...
I have been working for many social causes and NGOs in India .. Would love to join for a good cause here in Oman

Thank you  for information it..... we need volunter  power to development Madrasah Aliyah Al Haq banyuwangi...into  school building, learning  program of teaching....I'v you ready.....help ours.....I'mvery pleasent. 

exampleof potrait of Madrasah Aliyah Al Haq Banyuwangi.......you broser  maalhaq-cluring.blogspot.com

is it legal to work as volunteer   with any organization /sponsor /institution etc other than  your sponsor ?

is it legal to work as volunteer in a school etc as teacher , language instructor etc  without the permission of your sponsor ?

Hey there
Are you still in Oman?
Can we talk in English?
I'm Sarah

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