Lima versus Bogota


I have a dilemma to solve. I am a french engineer and I have been proposed a job in Lima or Bogota, for the same firm. The job is the same, just the location is different.

There are so many parameters and... I would like to ask your personnal opinion about it.

I would choose Peru because :
- It is more safe
- Food is better
- Lima has sea
- Way more easy to have a visa (but doesn't really count because if I work I should have a visa anyway)

But I would rather choose Bogota because :
- Life is cheaper
- Women are prettier (yes that counts !)
- The economic growth of the country is more important
- Colombia & Bogota are more modern
- Easier to travel from Bogota (? not sure about it)

To be honest... I would think I would prefer Colombia, and if the choice was between Lima & Medellin it would be easy ! But... bogota doesn't seem like the best city... hence I m not sure about it.

What is your opinion ?

Welcome to the Colombia forum, Pter.

I agree with the points you make.

Consider:  Do not move to Bogotá, Colombia, unless you have verified that you can live at such high altitude.

cccmedia from Medellín

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