La Coruna : Is it easy to get around the city knowing zero Spanish?


I'm from Belgium and I'll be moving to La Coruna in 2 weeks. Is it easy to get around the city knowing zero Spanish? Of course, I'd want to learn Spanish but I'm wondering if, in the beginning, Spanish is essential. What's the culture like in Coruna?

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How long will you be staying ?

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It's ages since I've been to La Coruña but, as I remember, it was a pleasant, lively and interesting city. Obviously being in Galicia it's also a bit wet! It seems to rain all the time in Galicia.

My sister lived in Stockholm for two years and never spoke a word of Swedish because everyone she met could speak English. English isn't as useful in Spain as English is in Belgium, Holland, Sweden etc. but nowadays lots of people can handle their field in faltering English (waiters speak the menu, plumbers know some words related to their trade etc) and there is nearly always someone to hand who has better English.

The truth is you'll need Spanish to enjoy Spain but you'll be able to get most things done, in the beginning, with English, pointing and laughing.

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