Denmark Visit- Budget for 2 weeks?

Dear all

  My name is Waleed , i m travelling all over Egypt with a group called Escape as a member to encourage Egyptian to see all beauty landscapes and have a great experience

  i decided to travel to Denmark in first of October to visit friends and to have to get a new photos for my project in behance & my instgram ,

my questions

  how much i need for 2 weeks as budget ? it is better to pay cash or visa ? which places in Denmark is good for shooting photos ? is it better to have korona of $ ?


Hello and welcome to Waleed

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Thanks alots

Hi Waleed

The price level: It depends, it depends ...............

You can browse youth hostels or Bed and breakfast and get a feeling of the price level.
An example:

I would prefer to use my Visa-card. You can pay with it everywhere and for everything. No amount too small. I take you will only be able to use dollar in the tourist shops and department stores in Copenhagen. Else you'll have to exchange from dollar to kroner.

If you need some cash, use the supermarket as a bank. Having bought your goods, but before you pay, you'll ask the assistant if it will be okay to round up to x DKK or ask if you may pay 100 or 200 DKK over the amount. It is a free service and an easy way to get cash.

If you stay at hostels, you can do the household for about 2,000 DKK (or less). Again, it depends ................

Towns and landscapes in Denmark differ a lot so it will all depend on your personal preferences where to shoot your pictures. … ing-nature

But why not ask your friends for their advice? They know you and can therefore give you a 'tailored' advice.

I hope you'll enjoy your trip to Denmark.


Dear Nallie

  First thanks for the feedback


I already asked my friends but because i will be thier host and thier guest at thier home i don't want to bother them with a lots if questions and trying to prepare my plan

If i speak about the budget they say i will not pay nothing and i m thier guest

Thanks anyway

You'll not bother your friends. Friends will always be delighted to help and especially with such a pleasant task.

I am also sure that they will more than welcome you as a guest as long as you not overstay.
Benjamin Franklyn has put it this way: Fish and guests stink after three days. ¨
I think he is right.

Did I answer your question in my first answer, or will you have some of it deepened?


No it is enough for me thanks

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