Finding apartment in district 9 for 2 people

Hi Expats,

I need help, I will be traveling to Hungary next week. I need an apartment for rent, we are 2 boys(not gay, but office colleague) preferred location is district 9.
We are looking for luxurious apartment but it should be furnished. A nominal rent bracket.
It would be a great help, if anyone can suggest any options.

Thank you in advance. 😊

Hello Manmeet27

How do you you

I will summerize my my renting experience.

An important not take your time searching if your visa for a month and coulndt find A place u can ask for another two weeks until u find, most people dont know thisand sadly my UNI told me u have to leave if u cant rent in one month.

Famous Websites to search both have english

There are many places to find, another issue was many dont want to rent to non hungarian if u speak the language or not but dont worry there are many options.

When you sign the contract they will ask for two months deposit, ask to add a clause that mention if u leave the flat he will give u back the deposit if ur leaving the flat before the end of the year. Usually u tell him ur leaving in two months so u dont lose ur deposit.

There Are famous areas known to be bad neighbourhood search online for that info.

Heating for winter should be a type u can control to turn off or on so u can reduce the cost.

One of the things i dont like is that owners want to come every month to take the rent and check the flat secretly for damages. If u can deposit to bank account i think its better but its my opinion.

Owners are very territorial if ur two guys they dont agree for another one to live until they meet and interview him so keep that i mind.

Lastly take ur time and dont be in a rush.

Thank you so much Muibmuel, this will really helpful.
We have money colleague living in district 9 so preferred location will be that. I will surely keep all the points in my mind.
I have one question, we rent an apartment in the mid of month so will they will take rent for full month... Or we can negotiate?
Thank you

Not sure about the renting in the mid but anyway u have to find a place to stay until u find a flat i recommend airbnb flats start from 20$ a day but try to book early to find cheap ones.
Another website is u can find short rent flats.
Also u dont have to live in same district as ur school BP have very good public transport sometimes faster than cars but only in BP.

You can always negotiate with most landlords.
We only rented once for 6 weeks in the 5th district about 20 yeas ago.
It wasn't as easy as now to find rentals for short term like that, no agents were around to help out, we found an add in a HU newspaper and never used an agent, dealt direct with the owner.
We never had her show up for rent, we took the payment to her flat, my husband just ran up and paid cash with her.
Of course they both spoke HU.
We had a strange thing happen that same vacation to HU.
We were in HU for almost 6 months and most of the trip we rented a large villa at lake Velence. My husbands one time very close childhood friend was/is a huge business man in that area and he knows everyone and everyone knows him.
He used to be a very nice guy until he got so much power over people, a jerk now, sadly.
Anyways we rented the villa right across the st. from his villa with his help from one of his neighbors.
We just gave monthly cash to our friend and he took care of the rent between the owner ans us.
Our son was with us in his early 20's and never had to deal with any big issues, he was taken care of by us, never paid a bill in  his life at that time etc. We spoiled him badly up till that time, just our way of showing our love, whatever.
Innocent him was alone in the big house as we were out at the lake for the day.
All of a sudden the front door swings open and 3 big men come inside, our son picked up the fireplace poker as he was afraid, no one said they were coming over or anything.
The men were shocked to see him there, they made up a lamo story that the owner needed the fireplace poker of all insane things, took it out of our sons hands and let.
It was very odd and scary.
We hated to think our friend had anything to do with this strange event but he knew everyone in the area, very close to the police and anyone with any power at all, he build most of the shopping centers in the area and owns a ton of businesses there, he has close ties to the police.
We believe in some twisted way our friend had set us up to be robbed, we hardly trust anyone in HU these days so using a agent might be a safer idea then using a private party.

manmeet27 :

We have money colleague living in district 9 so preferred location will be that.

To find cheaper apartments, you could move further away from the center along the M3 metro line, Jozsef Attila lakotelep, for instance, is a pretty OK area.

manmeet27 :

we rent an apartment in the mid of month so will they will take rent for full month... Or we can negotiate?

The rent starts on the date you specify in the contract, you can start it in the middle of the month.

I'm in district nine and it's a great area.  There are some quite cheap flats here for rent because not all of the buildings are improved yet and there are many students here.
It's worth walking around because some owners put posters up in their windows and on lamp posts.
It is true that some landlords can be intrusive by always having an excuse to visit.

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