Apartment Building Insurance

Hi I have purchased a apartment in district VI Budapest and trying to find companies online that will provide me with building and contents Insurance but having problems due to websites not been in English would appreciate any help and advice Thankyou

I suppose you can do a walk in into an insurance co. and find an English speaker that will help you out.
We had apt. insurance with the co. that insured our car.
It was very reasonable but was not the best coverage.
We wanted apt. insurance to cover our flat while we are not home in Hungary.The policy didn't  cover our needs so we cancelled it after a year.
Didn't cover fire or thief if we were not there.
The house has insurance so we are now taking our chances.
We used , AEGON.
Didn't notice any English online with them however.
The problem is even for a native HUngarian speaker, the policy requirements  are so tricky to understand, they hardly pay out anything  on a claim and you need receipts for every thing.

Thankyou Marilyn will look into them do appreciate all your help. 😀

We also use AEGON. Mrs Fluffy did it all and they did not speak English. 

Mrs Fluffy was asking me questions in English and translating back and the AEGON person asked her if she wanted a job as there's a shortage apparently English speakers!

AEGON paid out for repairs to our door when we were burgled.  The burglars stole one of the Fluffyettes pocket money of 1500 Ft and they paid out even for that.  Surprising considering the poor reputation of insurance companies in HU.

I am glad to hear they did right by you with AEGON.
Maybe we should look over the old policy again,nice to hear they stood by you.

Thankyou will definitely look at do appreciate all your help

I use the same company as mentioned. For buildings insurance our block has a group policy but I still had to cover for water leaks and internal burst pipes. The person at the shop spoke German and I took a Hungarian English speaking friend with me to set up the policies.

Thankyou Ann's looks like Aegon maybe the way to go have also looked at intasure which is a UK based company but do seem quite expensive, many thanks for your help and advice

Every building of flats has their insurance policy for damages to the building, for private property you would need another policy.
The monthly common costs for a flat help pay for the group coverage on the house.

Thanks Marilyn that's really good to know as I wasn't sure so thought I better get cover just incase, wondered what I paid common charges for ... Sorry all new to this. Thankyou so much for your help.

Yes house insurance is part of the common costs as is changing broken light bulbs in the halls of the house.
That being said however, I was using my own flashlight to see through the halls for about a month when the overhead hall light bulb was blown out on our floor.
Seems some building mangers  like to keep a little somethin', somethin' as a self made bonus.
Some ugly graffiti has been on the front door of our house for years now, I wonder why the management can not spring for a can of brown paint.
I am so tempted to just redo it over myself but am afraid I may be charged with vandalism.

Every year we have a house meeting. I allow our caretaker to vote for me. I feel that he does a reasonable job but the best thing is he is a complete fascist when apartments are rented to noisy people ( two or three student rentals) and he gets their landlords to evict them.
Obviously it is a rude awakening for them but our courtyard is like an amphitheatre so I am glad of it.
Our common costs cover water, buildings insurance, CCTV, lift repair and maintenance, bin emptying, weekly hall way cleaning , lighting and his services.
Every year we vote for the balconies to be renewed and every year it does not happen. I think they will wait until it is really bad.

If one is lucky they have a good management team.
My husband who speaks perfect Hungarian went to one of those yearly house meetings when we first bought our flat.
Only he and one other at the meeting voted for some sort of needed repair, it didn't happen.
That one neighbor goes to every meeting in the house, they never listen to her vote.
My husband gave up going because for one thing we are usually out of HUngary at the meeting time and he realized his vote does not count.
If we are around HUngary when the meeting is held he goes and he and the one neighbor sit together and raise a voice but no one listens.
They have a sort of flat mafia in the house, the same 6 or so people go and vote together with the manager.
Not sure why out of 44 flats in the house only those few go to the annual meeting.
Guess we are not the only owners to have given up on the manager.
I know a couple years back one of the "special club members" put up for vote a spare storage room that actually belonged equally to everyone in the house. Think it used to be a WC and rest area for the doorman which used to work the front door in the old times when only the doorman had the key to open the front door.
In the old commie days that's they way it went, people only had keys to their own flats not to the front door. A way to keep tabs on the comings and goings of tenants.
Well anyways, that group voted that one of their gang could get the extra room for free since their flat was right next door to the old store room.
Just had to tear down the wall to make their flat bigger for free.
Not right at all as everyone in the house should of gotten paid a percentage of what the footage was worth.
Our manager lives off property and our next door neighbor is his Henchman/on site helper.
Not sure but for all we pay every month I do not think we get our monies worth. We have all utilities, metered in our own flat we share nothing with other flats.
We see the common costs going up every year but seem to be getting less and less in repairs.
I am dying for them to repaint the building.Ours used to be the nicest on the street but in the past 10 years other houses have painted and now ours looks dull and dirty to me.
I wonder where all that monthly money is actually going.

I know I should not mention this but there is a particular colour that I call hungarian yellow... I would pay extra to have it removed totally from our inner courtyard.

I know exactly the shade of yellow you are referring to.
Makes me think of my post about dog droppings...

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