Advice on places to live near Avignon for a small family

Hello everyone,

My wife, 4yr old boy and I are considering moving to the Avignon or L'Isle Sur la Sorgue for September 2017. We will be visiting the area in October to do a little research. We would greatly appreciate any advice the forum might provide us.

We are particularly interested in the following:

We do not want to live in the core of Avignon, but in a nearby community (perhaps L'Isle). However, one with good public transport links to Avignon as I will be commuting regularly by TGV to London. Also, somewhere within a 20-30 minutes commute to the train station.

Can you recommend any particular towns that are interesting?

We are also concerned about having a good French public school. If anyone has knowledge or experience with schools for little ones, that would be very appreciated.

Thanks very much!
Tom and Burcu

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