The Expat Guide to Death in Spain

Death is possibly not the best subject to be talking about over breakfast, but it is one of the many topics that I am regularly asked about; it only just beats 'Trying to Watch Brit TV in the Sun' in popularity. You see, we Brits do have our priorities in the right order, but only just!

I hope the following article is helpful, if only to encourage thinking about the inevitable and making appropriate plans in good time. Please also be aware that this information is for general guidance only, and that the various regions within Spain may have their own ways of doing things. Go to: … spain.html

Good article and unfortunately a necessary topic. Two things are guaranteed in life, being death and taxes!

You may find my articleof interest on how to plan in advance against funeral costs. There are various types of insurance and plans available to Expats in Spain to give you and your loved ones peace of mind in these difficult times. These plans give support to the families of the insured by simplifying all the bureaucratic red tape involved with funerals, whether it is a burial or cremation in Spain.

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