UK expats in France


I'm looking at moving to France.
I was wondering what pros and cons there are to moving to France?
Cost of living
how easy was it to integrate?
how different are jobs in France compared to the UK?

Hundreds of books have been written on this very subject. And judging from responses from people here on other threads, I'd suggest that it's a personal decision for you to make.. What works for one might not work for someone else. It all depends on your circumstances as well. Do you wish/need to work? Are you a town or country person? North of the country or the south? Inland or coastal? At the end of a lane or surrounded by others? Flat or house?
If it's doable for you, probably the best way for you to answer some of your questions is to come over to the area you think might be for you and to try living there for a month or more. What part of France appeals to you? Making the decision to move is the hardest part.. Don't be tempted to take any shortcuts while you decide what to do! Good luck!

I spent much of my early life in the UK, all the way to university. But after graduating I thought only about moving overseas. since the first move to Singapore when I was 21 years old, I have never really wanted to return home. The same goes for many expats that I have known over the years or who I am in touch with today, they cannot imagine moving back home.

When you live overseas opportunities seem to come your way. You meet great people, you develop a group of friends and you can live a great and interesting life.

France is no different. When I moved to France, I quickly made friends with many people in all walks of life. We invited each over to dinner every week, had parties, went skiing in the Pyrenees together or drove down to Spain to for a day at San Sebastian. Any problems that I had my friends would help. So fitting in was easy and I felt at home very quickly. So I think integrating shouldn't be a worry at all, it will just happen.

For the cost of living, that really depends on where you plan to live and your lifestyle. You don't need to live it up all the time. If you enjoy walking, cycling doing things like this then obviously it doesn't cost a lot.

As for jobs, I cannot comment as I ran a business but I suppose it also depends on the job type.

The cons are only really that the tax rate is quite high as France is a Socialist state and taxes help support the less fortunate. And, many professional  people that I have known from France chose to move out of France and to places like Hong Kong because they complained that their salaries in France were not very good and they could do better overseas. However, that is not speaking from personal experience.

But as for moving to France or anywhere overseas I think it would be an adventure.

Thank you so much. this has helped me a lot. im looking forward to my adventure.

I'm in the system in France for 12 years...what happens now we are Brexit?

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