Can I request or hire a FT Driver in PNG?

Hi folks...

I may be relocating to POM for a contract but I have a question re: Transport please...

I had some work done on my back (disc) and I prefer not to be driving if at all possible for 3-6 months.
I'm not crippled or anything,, but its recommended I not drive so...

Can (in special cases) someone exist without a car/driver in PNG?
Is it no big deal because the blue-chip firms provide packages which include a driver anyways?
Could an expat exist (recreationally/weekends) without driving (e.g. use friends/taxis/etc)?
If based downtown in CBD/long hours would it make a difference (little time to travel etc) ?

Cheers for any insight you can give me...

>> I've heard many of car-jacking and holdup stories. (seen similar in Africa etc)
(I know of course it would be far far better to just have a 2nd hand car to be low-key etc) relocation

>> the package for this contract would be the upper end of the scale I imagine

Hi AsiaPacMan,

To answer your question "Can (in special cases) someone exist without a car/driver in PNG?", yes. I've known couple of expat friends who don't drive neither have car. They either fetch my friends or company driver (if under the condition of employment) though I must say it is a bit of struggle. Driving is essential to your mobility in PNG.

Hi Yoyager,

Thanks for chipping in with your advice - much appreciated.
Hopefully I will find out soon whats happening.

Thanks again / M

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