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Hi to eveyone my heart is really set on moving to Istanbul, i am seeking a job as a house maid, cleaner or a receptionist  or auapir , i am navite speacking  english and wish to experiance the life style there
I love culture and history , does anyone have any tips on how to move to Istanbul, information on what i need to get work permit and living arragments
Thanyou for your time reading my post and look forward to hearing from you soon

I think you have only 3 months permit to work in a year but im not sure.
But if you need assistance as a friend i am working at Ataturk international airport, i may guide you when you visit. I can reach passport control area, baggage claim area. Just text me

Hwllo thankyou for your reply , forgive me as i didnt understand some parts  , i can apply for a work permit of its a contacted job and if i am able to survive there with out problems i think can apply visa Goverment or lawyers ?

Hi Sara but I just read about work permit from government website that workpermit is under protection nowaday, temporary.:
Regulation on Work Permit of Foreigners Under Temporary Protection has been published in the Official Gazette No. 29594, dated 15 January 2016.

you can follow the below government web addres:
see you

Ohh thankyou was very helpful

Dear Sara8refoufi and letsgotr,

I believe there is a misunderstanding with the above announcement. The announcement is the publication of Regulation on Work Permit of Foreigners Under Temporary Protection.

To answer your question in short;

There are three types of work permits regulated by Law No: 4817 (see link below for the Law in English). These are:

-  periodical and permanent work permits that are issued for dependent workers,
-  work permits for independent or self-employed foreigners, and,
-  exceptional work permits.

Periodical work permits are given to foreigners according to their residence permit and their contract of service and would be valid for working in one company or in one profession for at most one year. Following this period, these work permits can be extended for at most three more years if that the person  has to work in the same company or in the same profession. These periodical work permits can be extended following these three years  allow the foreigner to work for six years in the same profession within any company he or she wants. Those who reside in Turkey for a continuous period of eight years or who have worked legally for six years can be allowed to have an unconditioned and permanent work permit regardless of the developments in work life and the condition of the market.

Foreigners that work as independently can  be allowed to have a self-employment or independent work permit in case they fulfill the condition of legally residing in Turkey for at least five years. … permit-law

Taygan thankyou so much for taking to time to give me this souce , respose is every informative ,
Kind regards

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