Website for selling belongings

I am looking for a japanese website for selling my belongings like craigslist but I need one that will reach the Japanese community. I was able to sign up on yahoo auctions but the website would not let me enter a credit card so I couldnt register to sell.

Hi there,

I have a lot of Japanese friends and foreigners too living in Japan. Also I have a Japanese friend who runs his own social media website. Let me ask around and I'll get back to you when I get some responses.


I've sent some emails out to friends in Japan but still waiting their replies.

I just googled and found these sites, some are selling secondhand items :

I'll let you know if I get some replies from our friends.


Thank you

Hello again,

So what I have heard from friends is that most people either sell on social media sites such as their Facebook accounts, and some are using None of them mentioned using Yahoo Auctions.


Ok, Ill definately check out the website. Thanks for the help.

You're most welcome, and good luck!

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