Moving with or without household goods

Hello all,
I'm in a bit of a dilemma.  Whether to move my household when I come to Japan or just start over.  I've also considered ditching all the furniture and shipping my linens, textiles, a few cooking appliances (crockpot, deepfryer etc) and clothing.  I would be relocating with my two teens.

Has anyone done any of the above?  (1-Moved entire household 2-Ditched all and started over 3-Shipped partial household)  What was the round about cost?  How long did it take to receive your belongings?   

I appreciate any input.  It will help me in my savings calculations for our move.

I've never moved household stuff to Japan, it was long time ago that I lived there. But I would guess that it is better to leave the furniture and take the linens and clothes along with a few prized possessions. But it also depends if you are planning to live in a big apartment, house or a small flat. When moving overseas, I find it is always nice to start afresh with new things like furniture.

I have no idea about shipping costs but hope you receive some replies from other members here.

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