Moving to Tokyo. is 350 000/month and 10M yen sign up bonus a deal?

Cost of living in Tokyo. I got an offer from Rakuten and they are offering me a monthly take home salary of 350000 (approx) and a sign up bonus of 10M yen overall. Company said they will take care of VISA. But, we have to bear the tickets charges.

My question is would that sign up bonus be okay to start a new life in Tokyo?

Would that monthly salary be enough to lead comfortable life in Tokyo?

I understand that it depends on how my manage money. But, In general terms, is that a mid-range salary for 7+ years of exp?

Is that possible to have a little savings every month?

We are 3. Myself, My wife & our kid (an infant - 3 months old).

Please share some info.

Hello murali0286 and welcome on board :)

While waiting for members to revert back, please check out this thread below to get to know the cost of living in Japan and get an idea of how much your cost of utilities will be and how much you can save.

Cost of living in Japan – 2015


Thanks Kenjee. It helps. Appreciate it

Hello Murali,

The 10 M bonus is very nice. However, 350 K for 3 people you'll be scraping by and most likely dipping into that 10 M bonus. I assume you'll get the bonus upon arrival in japan. I'd come over with the plan to study Japanese in your first year then look for a better paying job after one year. Though studying Jps while you're working full time won't be easy.

Thanks for the info, Tom! I feel the same way. BTW, Sorry about the typo. The sign up bonus is 1M (I wanted to type 10 Lakhs :D).

I don't think the offer is going to do any good.

Hi you

I would not recommend taking the offer, except, if the flat and the health insurance are paid 100% by the company.
A very tiny flat (35m2) costs around 150'000 yen. Considering, that the general rule, for what your apartments should cost maximum in comparison with your salary is 30%, you should earn at least 450'000/month. And 32 m2 for a family is not much. The bonus of 1M is not very interesting. 10M would be something.

Anyways, good luck!

Hey there,

Thanks for your response. Guess what.. I turned down the offer!

350,000 YEN per month is not a bad deal to start in Japan. For accommodation you can get a decent house by 80,000 Yen to live. As you will be here with your family 50,000 Yen is enough for food. Education of your kids should not cost much if they goes to Japanese school unless you are planning for International schools. Even for international schools there are less expensive ones in Edogawa-ku probably administrated by Indian people. And for going out and sightseeing you can make a budget and act accordingly. I think you still can save 100,000 Yen per month (or even more if you do not waste money). And of course you can save your bonuses.
By the time you will learn Japanese and change jobs for higher salaries after few years of experience in Japan.

Hi there I don’t live in Tokyo but I heard it’s one of the most expensive cities in Japan.

Things to consider when you live in Japan.

1. Language. ( if you have a child you will send her or him to school.  Communication could be a problem not unless it’s an international school.
2. Apartment rentals are quite expensive well since you’re gonna be moving here with your family. If you are single that income is quite big already.

That’s all I can say.

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