My cousin took money from me and has not refunded me

Hi every one
I need some one to help me, I am living in Saudi Arabia,

My cousin sister took money from me, n now she not refund to me. She Live in japan matsudo
Will u please help me to give me a idea.

Thank all

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Hi bari32 and welcome to :)

How can we possibly help you?
For such case, maybe you should contact a lawyer.


Priscilla  :cheers:

As Priscilla says, you could contact a lawyer, but I am sure the legal costs would be enormous with no guarantee of success. But I don't even think a lawyer would take on such a case, or at least you may have to pay him a lot of money and get no result. If the amount that was taken was not huge then I believe it would be a waste of even more money.

I my opinion this is more of a family matter and if at all possible I would try to ask family members to help solve the problem.

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