Questions about Japanese Culture!

Anyone from the country of Japan that would be able to answer these questions!  Thanks!

Where are you from?

How long did you live in the area you were born and why did you move?

What is the composition of your family? How is your family different than the typical family?

Cultural ideas and country characteristics: shared behaviors, beliefs, and ways of living

Cultural ideas of beauty:

Educational system (who pays for education? What is compulsory?):

Languages spoken:

Consumption patterns for food (what are typical foods, when eaten…):

clothing (is it formal? Casual? Rules?)

home furnishings (describe a typical living environment—type of housing):

What do people do for fun?

Standard of living for an average citizen:

How do people live: In cities, in farms, with family, do they travel, where to?

Natural resources:

Infrastructure—how do people and things get around?

Where do people you know work? Industries prevalent.

Where to people shop? (names of stores/ online?) How often? What does discretionary income buy?

How do people dress? Questions about the industry and shopping habits: Fabrics, color preferences, designers, prices, promotion, and advertising. How much clothing do people own?

Do you discuss politics? Describe the politics in your country. (two party system—compare it to the US)

Is poverty a problem they are concerned about? How do people address it? Are their non-profits who work on poverty relief like in the U.S.?

What do you value? What types of things do you like to do?


How important is hierarchy

How are gender roles perceived?

What are attitudes toward the aging and elderly?

Is there a difference between the importance of the individual and the group?

What is the criteria for success?

•   Greetings—what is the proper way to greet someone? How and when should you do it? Is there a difference between greeting someone young and someone old?

•   Personal space—what is considered the proper distance that you should stand away from someone when speaking to him or her? Some cultures it is very close, while others expect a couple arms length.

•   Physical contact—is it appropriate to shake hands? What about giving a friend a hug in public? What about married couples who show affection in public? Is this frowned upon?

•   Eye contact—is it appropriate to make eye contact with a stranger? What about eye contact with someone of the opposite sex? What about eye contact in conversations or group settings?

•   Dress—what is the cultural norm for dress? Are there different standards for men and women? Do women wear pants? What about shorts?

•   Respect—are there certain ways that elders or leaders are shown respect?

•   Gender attitudes—what are the attitudes about women? How do you show respect to both genders?

•   Loudness—is it expected to speak softly to others and in public or is being boisterous acceptable?

The questions about personal space, greetings, physical contact, not need to be answered

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