Spanish learning in Spain

I am from Canada and would like to learn Spanish in Spain (Malaga).  Could someone recommend a good school for intensive course.

Thank you

Hi Harmonypeace,

You will find a list of language schools in the Language institutions in Malaga section of the business directory. You may contact them and inquire.

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Thank you Bhavna.

I understand there are number of schools, what I want to know which one is the best.  I would like to spend couple of months doing intensive Spanish course.

I live nowhere near Malaga so I can't comment but I've been to (and worked in) language schools and it's a bit of a tricky question. Some people like one approach and others another. Even within the same school the approach of different teachers can be radically different even when there is supposed to be an established methodology.

I would suspect that one of the opinion sites, Tripadvisor style might be a good place to start as their purpose is to garner reviews (and sell advertising)

Years ago I read that most students had most success following one of the book and recording type courses. It seems strange to me but that's what the research said.

There are hundreds of podcast sites too. I liked Notes in Spanish though I don't think it has been updated for a while. Both the org and net versions of spanishpodcast are OK too though the org one started to get very involved and I haven't listened for a while.

Thank you.

;) Cervantes Institute in Malaga

Each area has a official language school which equates to a further education college for languages that is state run. They are know by their initials Eoi  which means escuela official idioma= official language school. So for Malaga Google Eoi Malaga or Escuela de idioma Malaga.
They all do Spanish courses for foreigners -  ( extrajeneros)
The courses are normally twice a week with a lot of self study in between.
The official schools also offer intensive course which is 4 days a week.
The courses start around now the end of September and run until the end of May.Some schools have another intake on intensive courses in January.
The courses are incredibley thorough with exams every 3 months in the four disciplines.
That is you are tested on your oral skills, writing skills, comprehension and listening exercises. If your serious about learning Spanish you couldn't find a better course. Also with the added advantage of being very cheap around 100.00 euros for the year.

Hi, just to add a bit  of info about the Escuelas oficiales de idiomas. Whilst it's absolutely true that several of the bigger ones offer Spanish courses lots don't. I tried in both Ciudad Rodrigo and Cartagena without success.

Mind you Malaga is a big city which is why it has an escuela oficial and a Cervantes Institute.

Lovely city too.

Thank you very much for all the information.

EOI Málaga has already begun for this year's courses (matriculation is very strict and took place in July for new students).  Some people seem to be mixing up Cervantes Escuela, which is an excellent school in Pedregalejo (a cute, beachside suburb of Málaga) with Cervantes Instituto which is the national body that guards the exams and qualifications, and the standards of teaching Spanish to foreigners.  Cervantes Instituto has no schools anywhere, but does accredit schools for the preparation of DELE exams.  My suggestion would be that you join the Facebook group called Expats in Málaga CIty and ask there - everyone lives in Málaga city and everyone gives accurate advice (it is a tightly-moderated group).  Good luck!

Thank you very much for the information.

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