1 or 2 month rental in Oslo

My wife and I are searching for a small apartment for use during the months of July and August 2017 in Oslo.  We are residents of the U.S.A with distant family in Ostfold.  We have been to Norway and would like to experience the culture, norms and people for a greater length of time.  We don't know where or how to start our search.  Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Takk

Hi Pjb1277,

I suggest you drop an advert in the Housing in Oslo section of the website.

Furthermore, you will get some valuable advice in the Renting in Norway  article.

This website will also be useful to you :

All the best,

Thank you I will check out the sites

The best place to look is … p;filters=

Takk, jeg skal ta et kikke.

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