Did you ever go to Afghanistan with USAID

Hello, did you ever go to Afghanistan with USAID? If so, how did you go about getting involved in USAID? Did you need any prior experience, etc.? I am deeply interested in going to Afghanistan — or another country in the region — to help out whether it is with aid work, construction, teaching, sustainability, and so forth. Any and all tips would be helpful. Thanks!




Best you do an online search for work in Afghanistan.
I worked with LBG (Louis Berger Group) on roading projects for USAID in conjunction with US Army.
Take off the rose colored glasses before embarking on work in Afghanistan. It is no safer now than when I was working there.
I have been offered work back there but have turned it down because the employment contracts are not worth signing and the money is a lot less.
You would also need to have had experience working in developing countries, conflict regions.
Too much risk of being kidnapped or killed.
My advice would be to look elsewhere. Try Africa.

I've been to conflict zones before and I want to work in them - someone has to do it. Thank you for your response, though. I appreciate it! I'll look around.

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