I need to find a place to rent.Any tips?

Hi  - I am coming to live in Suva for 3 months in January...I need to find a place to rent.Any tips?Thank you

Hi I am also going to be moving to Fiji soon. I been looking in to buying a house and that will help get my permenent status there.

Great-I am trying to find permanent status so I can work and live in Fiji

Hi Fijiprincess,

I created a new topic as from your post on the Fiji forum as you were off topic on the previous thread.

For your accommodation search, i invite you to post an ad in the housing in Fiji section

Vinaka dear friend - I shall do that now

I been looking for a place also and I email the agent and get no email back😢

I can't understand why...I'm not sure who else to ask.Any ideas?

I have been thinking of where to relocate to seek international employment.
Don't into if there re good employment opportunities in Fiji Islands

where is your place located. ???

Am from Nigeria,  my country is passing through recession at the moment.
Job losses,  I am also a victim so I just want to see where I can relocate to find job so I can at least provide for my precious family

Is there actually anybody living in Fiji now that use this site...????

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